"From Soup to Nuts"

"From Soup to Nuts"

"From soup to nuts." It's a classic phrase we've all come to understand as meaning start to finish, beginning to end, or covering everything. There was a time when formal dinners had a variety of courses that started with a soup and ended with a serving of nuts. This traditional actually started in the Middle Ages. That's all great and we get it, but why nuts?

Well for starters, it was a nice way to end the meal. Almonds or walnuts were paired with a sherry or a port, fruits, or coffee as a pleasant last course. Another reason is because it signified the end of the meal. It became so common place to serve nuts at the end that it became a tradition of sorts. Diners expected it and it was a cue to let everyone know the meal was complete. Perhaps the most relevant reason today is that people believed nuts helped settle the stomach and aid with the digestion process, especially after a rich and indulgent meal.

There's not enough scientific evidence to prove that eating nuts will 100% help with your digestion process. There's actually more studies on nuts being harmful to people with sensitive stomachs and other specific digestive concerns or conditions. It's always best to consult a healthcare professional for personalized advice.

What we do know is that almonds and walnuts are high in fiber, contain healthy fats, and provide protein. These nutrients are all critical to maintaining a healthy digestive system.

So can eating nuts help after a overeating at a Holiday dinner? Maybe. Everyone is different. Give almonds and walnuts a try. See if it works for you. Just a handful is more than enough. And as always, we will continue to promote a balanced diet. Drink water, get your fruits and veggies, and keep in moderation to build the best you.

Stay Safe and Enjoy the Holidays! =)

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