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True California

Organic Chandler Walnuts

Organic Chandler Walnuts

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Ingredients: Organic Light Chandler Walnuts
Allergen Statement: This product contains tree nuts (Walnuts)
Warning: Product may contain shells or shell fragments
Storage: Store in a cool & dry place, away from heat, moisture, or direct sunlight. Refrigeration recommended only for long term storage after opening.


Our walnuts are grown and harvested in San Joaquin County, California, USA


True California Walnuts

  • Grown, Harvested, and Packaged in California
  • USDA & CCOF certified Organic, Non-GMO, No PPO
  • Raw, 100% Natural, Not Roasted, Unsalted, and Additive-Free
  • Nature’s Healthy Superfood for Work, School, Gym, Home, or On-the-Go
  • Fresh and Not From Cold Storage


The Chandler Walnut

In 1979, the University of California at Davis introduced the first Chandler walnuts to the world. Today, Chandlers have become the most prominent variety grown in California and they’re the most popular walnut around the globe. In fact, California is the largest grower of walnuts in the US, and since Chandlers are naturally high-yielding trees, our state produced over 200,000 tons in 2017!

Most people value this variety more than others because of their extra light color and high quality kernels. The Chandler walnut is large, smooth, oval nut that has a thin shell. The kernel doesn’t fill the shell completely so it makes it easy to crack and remove the halves without breaking them into pieces. The kernels are also naturally larger sized and plumper compared to other varieties so they appeal to our visual senses as a well-grown and healthy nut. And with Chandlers, the lighter the color, the higher the quality. True California sources the extra light color. The other grades available are light, light amber, and amber.

In terms of taste, the Chandlers have a mild but sweeter flavor compared to other walnuts. They also taste less bitter than the most of the other varieties. Chandlers have a sub-acid content so most people who are sensitive to walnuts do not feel the tingling sensation in their mouth when eating Chandlers. They’re a wonderful walnut that everyone can enjoy anytime!

Walnuts are a versatile health food that we can easily add into our lives. Fresh Chandlers are a great variety to include with our everyday recipes because they have a nice walnut flavor and a sweet tasting finish without any overwhelming bitterness. This combination makes them easy to pair with. Chandlers go great on a Waldorf salad or into a savory pasta dish. They’re perfect in baked rustic breads and banana nut cupcakes. You can use them as toppings to your ice cream sundae or morning cereal. And of course, they’re a healthy snack choice for whenever you need a quick boost of natural energy. They're absolutely delicious! 

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