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True California

Organic Nonpareil Almonds

Organic Nonpareil Almonds

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Ingredients: Organic Nonpareil Almonds

Allergen Statement: This product contains tree nuts (Almonds)
Warning: Product may contain shells or shell fragments
Storage: Store in a cool & dry place, away from heat, moisture, or direct sunlight. Refrigeration recommended only for long term storage after opening.


Our almonds are grown and harvested in Butte County, California, USA


True California Almonds

  • Grown, Harvested, and Packaged in California, USA
  • USDA & CCOF Certified Organic, Non-GMO, No PPO
  • Raw, 100% Natural, Not Roasted, Unsalted, and Additive-Free
  • Nature’s Superfood Snack for Work, School, Gym, Home, or On-the-Go
  • Fresh and Not frozen in Cold Storage


The Nonpareil Almond

California produces over 80% of the global almond supply and California’s Nonpareil almonds are the world’s most popular almond variety. A "superfood" packed full of powerful nutrients, these almonds set the standard for the quintessential crunch and color. The prettiest of all almonds, Nonpareils are also highly prized for their superior size and shape. Combined with their versatility and endless culinary uses, Nonpareil almonds are a Californian classic that you really can’t find anywhere else in the world.
There are over 30 different varieties of almonds in California alone. Each variety has its own taste, crunch, shape, size, and color. Some are short, crunchy, plump and earthy, while others are long, chewy, slender, and sweet. Nonpareil almonds have a mild nutty flavor but they end in a very sweet finish that’s simply irresistible. These almonds are one of the largest sized almonds and are right between plump and slender. Fresh Nonpareils aren’t the crunchiest of all, and they tend to be a lighter almond color. When people picture almonds, they usually envision a Nonpareil.

Nonpareil almonds are used in all sorts of ways. They’re easily blanched and make great almond flour. Some use them for almond milk as well. Their shape and size make them a wonderful addition to baked goods, and they’re even better when sliced or crushed and added to an afternoon salad. For us, they’re perfect right out of the bag as a daytime snack or post-workout supplement.

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