Saturated Fat & Your Concentration

Saturated Fat & Your Concentration

We recently came across a quick article studying the effects of how saturated fat consumption and concentration. The article didn't have too much hard evidence or facts from the study, but it showed some interesting data. It also tested 51 women only, no men were tested.

The tests suggest that women who ate a fast-food-like diet containing saturated fats performed more poorly on concentration tests compared to a similar group of women who consumed a diet that did not contain saturated fats. 11% worse according to the results. We took this finding as directional data. It's not 100% conclusive but chances are that there is some negative impact when we add saturated fats in our diet versus no saturated fats.

There are so many more questions to ask like how it impacts men, elderly, and children, and how long do these negative effects last? Nonetheless, it was an interesting study worth noting. So next time you cram for an exam or have a big interview, maybe consider picking up a salad and sandwich instead those tempting chili cheese fries and burger. =)


Here's the article:​
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